NACOR Data Definitions

2019 Public Comment

The AQI Committee on Data Definitions invites you to comment on the terms (names of the data elements), their definitions, and notes using the links below.

The public commenting period begins Tuesday, January 8 and will close February 1, 2019.

The Data Definitions Committee will use your feedback to revise the terms, definitions and notes and will publish a revised version of the NACOR Data Element Conceptual Definitions in early 2019.

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Administrative Data SetPatient-In-Room-Time
Administrative Data SetPatient-Out-Of-Room-Time
ComorbiditiesPatent Foramen Ovale
ComorbiditiesPrecooperative age
Extended Data SetIntravenous Regional Anesthesia
Minimum Data SetDental Anesthesiologist
Minimum Data SetDentist Anesthesiologist Resident
OutcomesAcute Myocardial Infarction
OutcomesEquipment Failure
OutcomesFailed Regional Anesthesia
OutcomesHypotensive episode
OutcomesInjury related to sensory or motor deficit after local or regional anesthesia
OutcomesMyocardial injury
OutcomesNear miss
OutcomesOropharyngeal pain
OutcomesRetained foreign object
OutcomesSkin or mucous membrane injury
OutcomesStat Page / code call
OutcomesSubcutaneous emphysema
OutcomesUnplanned Electric Shock
OutcomesUnplanned intravascular injection
OutcomesUnplanned Readmission