2024 National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR)

AQI is pursuing initiatives to simplify, reduce barriers, and deliver more value for NACOR participation. One recurring theme from participant feedback was the structure of NACOR pricing that generates "reconciliation" invoices, specifically when the clinician mix (physician, care team, independent CRNA), ASA membership status or number of clinicians reporting to NACOR is substantially different from the number estimated at the time of annual NACOR registration/enrollment. This discrepancy in the estimated versus actual value may lead to a larger reconciliation invoice, which creates dissatisfaction for participants.

Effective 2024, the NACOR participation fees will be based on the number of cases submitted with a flat administrative fee per practice and are no longer based on the number of clinicians participating. All cases submitted by your practice will be priced identically, with either an "ASA Member" rate or a "Non-Member" rate. For practices who have participated in NACOR, we will estimate the number of cases based on the most complete year of data which should reduce or eliminate the need for a reconciliation invoice.

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NACOR Quality Reporting Form (Group Practice Reporting QR/QCDR or Individual QR/QCDR) This form is only for:

  • NACOR-Group Practice Reporting Qualified Registry (QR)
  • NACOR-Group Practice Reporting Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)
  • NACOR-Individual Qualified Registry (QR)
  • NACOR-Individual Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

If you are ordering NACOR Basic or NACOR Benchmarking, please change selection above. If you are a Quality Concierge customer, please fill out the Quality Concierge form instead. If you have questions, contact qcdr@asahq.org.

NACOR Benchmarking Form (National benchmarking; measure compliance and quality improvement initiatives) This form is only for:

  • NACOR Benchmarking

If you are ordering NACOR Quality Reporting or NACOR Basic, please change selection above. If you are a Quality Concierge customer, please fill out the Quality Concierge form instead. If you have questions, contact qcdr@asahq.org.

NACOR Basic Form This form is only for:

  • NACOR Basic

If you are ordering NACOR Quality Reporting or NACOR Benchmarking, please change selection above. If you are a Quality Concierge customer, please fill out the Quality Concierge form instead. If you have questions, contact qcdr@asahq.org.


  • Indicate whether your practice is
    • A new NACOR customer (have not previously participated in NACOR) or
    • A renewal (participated in NACOR within the last three years).
  • If your practice is an existing NACOR customer, please provide your AQI Practice ID. Contact AQI if you do not know your Practice ID.
  • Indicate whether:
    • This is a new order (have not filled out this registration form for the current year)
    • This replaces an existing order
    • This is to add providers to an existing order
  • Select one of the following reporting options:
    • NACOR – Group Practice Reporting, Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)
    • NACOR – Group Practice Reporting, Qualified Registry (QR)
    • NACOR – Individual Reporting, Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)
    • NACOR – Individual Reporting, Qualified Registry (QR)
  • Indicate if the practice plans to participate in an MVP
    • If yes, select the MVP from the drop down list
    • Acknowledge that ragistration with CMS is required
  • Indicate if the practice will participate as a subgroup
    • Provide the name of the subgroup
    • Provide the tax id for the subgroup
    • List the NPI's participating in the subgroup
    • Acknowledge that ragistration with CMS is required
  • Enter provider quantities according to provider type and ASA member status.
  • Enter contact, practice, and billing information.
  • Click "Register" at the bottom of the form. You will receive an email conformation shortly afterwards.

Questions? email AskAQI@asahq.org

PAYMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Agreements: In order for your practice to participate in NACOR, a NACOR Participation Agreement is required. If your practice did not previously participate in NACOR Basic, Benchmarking or Quality Reporting, the required contract and invoice will be emailed to you once your order is processed.

INITIAL PAYMENT: Your practice will receive an invoice after the order has been processed for the number of cases that you reported on your order form (NOTE: your number of reported eligible clinicians should reflect the number of providers intending to submit data to AQI for the selected service as of the order date). Terms of payment are net 30 days. No data will be accepted by AQI until payment is received.

LOGIN INFORMATION for new participating groups will be emailed to the practice champion (designated in the NACOR Participation Agreement) once fees are paid.

FINAL PAYMENT: Beginning in January 2025, ASA will reconcile the number of cases paid for in your Initial Payment against actual data submitted by the practice and generate a final reconciliation invoice for any additional cases, if applicable. All payments must be received by March 15, 2025. Refunds will not be issued. Example: If a practice ordered NACOR Quality Reporting services for 5,000 cases but at the end of the year the practice submits 6,000 cases, ASA will invoice for the additional 1,000 cases. If ASA does not receive payment for the additional 1,000 cases by March 15, 2025, at AQI's discretion data may not be submitted to CMS.

ASA MEMBERSHIP: Payment is determined by 2024 ASA membership status. NACOR submission data from the most recent full year of completed data submissions will be used to generate a roster of clinicians that will be compared to current ASA membership records for the purpose of calculating the percentage of participating physicians and clinicians that are members of ASA at the time of NACOR registration.

In the rare event that AQI allows a practice to register after the ANESTHESIOLOGY® meeting, then the determination of the per-case rate will be based on ASA membership status as of the first day of the ANESTHESIOLOGY® meeting.

Please note the following deadlines:

  • October 1 - NACOR registration deadline (Please note: non-members would have to pay the non-member pricing)
  • October 1 - deadline to become an ASA member for 2024; practices must supply list of non-members becoming members to ASA membership
  • October 18 - last day to pay ASA dues for 2024 membership

LOCUM TENENS: Data should be submitted for all providers, including locums, temporary staff or part-time staff will be included in the case count.

Additional Information for Group vs. Individual Reporting:

Group Reporting: CMS Requires consent for group reporting to be collected annually. This registration form serves as consent to submit data for your group to CMS. Your practice is to keep a copy of this registration form for your files for a period of seven years, in case of CMS audit. You will receive an email with the information you entered on this registration form shortly after clicking the submit button. All Eligible Clinicians (ECs) in your group billing must be included in the data submitted to NACOR.

Individual Reporting: CMS requires every Eligible Clinician (EC) submit a consent form for individual reporting practices. Each EC for which you intend to submit quality data must sign a consent form. CMS requires this consent be collected annually. Your practice is to keep a copy of the consents in your files for a period of seven years, in case of CMS audit. You will receive a copy of the consent form with your signed agreements.

Regardless of which reporting option is selected, each practice participating in MIPS reporting for 2024 must complete this registration form.

THE OPT-IN OPTION is only available to practices which do not meet all three of the 2024 MIPS eligibility criteria (bill more than $90,000 for Part B covered services, see more than 200 Part B patients and provide 200 or more covered professional services to Part B patients). Please check your clinician's 2024 MIPS eligibility to see if your practice meets the criteria to opt in. If your practice is not MIPS eligible but meets one or two of the MIPS criteria and would like to submit 2024 MIPS data for a potential payment adjustment, please select the Opt-In box.

If you choose to Opt-In, email AskAQI@asahq.org to provide the NPIs for those clinicians who will be included.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: Annual NACOR administrative fee is $. This fee is applied to each AQI Practice. This fee will be waived for practices with fewer than 10 clinicians at the time of registration. The final invoice will be based on the total number of cases plus this administrative fee. Final payment of invoices is required even if data is not submitted to CMS as this is a NACOR administrative fee, not a CMS fee. Participants may not be allowed to register for future reporting until all outstanding invoices are paid.

Questions? email AskAQI@asahq.org

If yes, email askaqi@asahq.org or contact your AQI Account Manager to provide the NPIs for these clinicians who will "Opt-In".

AQI currely supports the MVP Patient Safety and Support of Positive Experiences with Anesthesia (G0059)

NACOR benefits are included with ASA Member Dues for NACOR Basic only. ASDA Members With ASA Educational Membership: Select the "ASA Member Physician Anesthesiologists" category.

Non-ASA Members should select the "Non-Member Anesthesiologists" category.

Indicate the provider quantities above for each ASA Current Member and ASA Non-Member participating in 2024 reporting.

Provider Quantities (Enter At LEAST one category)

Provider TypeASA MembersNON-Members
Physician Anesthesiologists

Care Team Clinicians

Independent Nurse Anesthetists

Total Providers: 0

Name of person placing this order

Practice Information

Billing Contact Information

I have read the instructions and acknowledge receipt of the payment policies and procedures.