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The Anesthesia Incident Reporting System is maintained by the Anesthesia Quality Institute, a federally designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO) based in Park Ridge, Illinois. Collection and analysis of anesthesia incidents is for the purpose of improving the quality of anesthesia care nationwide. Quality management work of the AQI and the AIRS Steering Committee are protected from discovery by Federal and Illinois state law.

Case information is submitted to AIRS via secure, encrypted transmission to the AQI server. The AQI server is isolated by firewall against outside access. The AQI is prohibited under the terms of our PSO status from ever revealing specific identifying information of any institution, provider or patient. AIRS data will be analyzed and presented as blinded aggregates of incidents and events. Exemplary cases may be selected for educational presentation, but will include no identifying descriptions.

If you elect to submit your case description confidentially, the AIRS Steering Committee may contact you for further information, follow-up, or clarification. You will also have access to the record in the future, to correct or add to the initial report. When you submit the report we will send a copy back to your email address, and to any other email addresses you provide. This may be a useful way to meet local requirements to report events to your practice, department, hospital or risk-management program.

If you elect to submit your case anonymously, no identifying information will be retained by the AQI and you will not be able to reconnect with this report.

Registration: By choosing 'Report Confidentially', you will be given a reference number for your report. You can use this report number to review this case at a later date using the 'Review Previous Report' button, and you can use it to automatically fill in your information on the 'Demographic Information' page.

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