AQI Reports


Following are some examples to assist with reading AQI Reports.

How to find individual provider PONV complication rates in the AQI reports


  • Participate and contribute data to AQI
  • Have a login to AQI's website
  • Have the appropriate permissions on the AQI website to review reports

Login to the AQI Website

Figure1: AQI Website

Go to and log into the AQI website. If you don't have login credentials, please get in touch with your practice Quality Manager, they manage the individual logins and permissions.

If you are the AQI Practice Champion and you have forgotten your login, please send a message to with the subject line "Help me log in."

AQI will need your name and the email address you used to register your practice, the name of your anesthesia practice, and if you know it, your AQI Practice ID in the body of the message.

If you are unable to view AQI reports, please contact your AQI Practice Champion.

AQI Practice Dashboard

The first landing page is the AQI Practice Dashboard.

Figure 2: AQI Practice Dashboard

The AQI Practice Dashboard provides some high level information. You may wish to take a few minutes to skim through this page as it states what kind of data has been submitted (billing and quality data), as well as the date of the latest case your practice has submitted to the registry. In the example below, the last date of service is recorded as 2013-02-28.

AQI Reports

Next, click on the "Reports" tab to gain access to the reports.

This action will take you to AQI's reporting page. The first report that loads by default is the Practice report which describes your anesthesia practice based on survey data AQI collected when your anesthesia practice signed up with AQI.

Figure 3: AQI Reports

There are several reports available, and each is accessible by clicking the blue tab in the reports section to navigate to that particular report. Clicking on the Cases tab will bring up the Cases reports for your practice. The first page that loads describes the amount of cases AQI has processed for your group over time. This is a good place to verify the data AQI currently has for your group. For example, if you expect that your group does about 500 cases per month, you can verify that number in this report.

Next, click on the "Outcomes" button to view your outcomes reports.

Figure 4: Cases Report

Outcome Reports

Once the Outcomes report loads, it is populated with aggregate data for NACOR and your anesthesia practice. This report describes the amount of outcomes data your group has provided over time as well as the total number of outcomes contained in NACOR. Outcomes are expressed in tabular format providing the N of each adverse outcome with a percentage over time. Displayed are three categories, “Minor”, “Major”, and “Death." Click on the [+] symbol to expand the category to see each individual outcome. The table may be expanded by clicking the [+] symbol next to each year, quarter, and month. The national benchmark for each outcome is displayed in the gold column which can be used to compare with your practice outcomes over time.

Each outcome can be drilled into by clicking on the name of the outcome to see more information.

Figure 5: Outcomes Report

Clicking on “any PONV” will break down the number of complications by each provider in your organization and display that data over time. Each provider’s rate of PONV can be compared to each other as well as an aggregate of your practice and the national benchmark. In this example, Dr. D’s rate of PONV for Q1 of 2010 is 6.73% compared to the practice average of 10%.

Figure 6: Individual provider comparison

This sub report provides a comparison of Dr. D to each provider in the group as well as Dr. D's rate over time graphically.

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