AQI Data Validation and Standards

AQI's Data Auditing and Validation

NACOR's data validation routines come in two forms. One set determines the correctness of incoming data prior to insertion. The other set verifies the integrity of all NACOR cases. This overlap validation creates a tight net that ensures all NACOR case data is accurate.

AQI has three validation stages for data:

  • Pre-stage validation: NACOR's incoming data currently comes from over 100 different sources. Data validation at this level is source specific. The validation is concerned with the structure and format of the data.
  • Pre-Production Validation: This stage of validation is an automated process for case level data integrity checks prior to NACOR insertion.
  • Post-insert Auditing: All records int he registry undergo continual auditing on a daily basis.

NACOR is a relational database with strong referential integrity to ensure the consistency of anesthesia data. This means that every record in NACOR contains values that are well defined (reference values) and commonly reported from any anesthesia information technology system. All case data are subject to intense scrutiny upon entry into NACOR. This is supplemented with a continual, more focused authentication process that lasts the entire lifetime of the data within the registry. With a two-tiered validation method, NACOR retains its accuracy while maintaining its ability to absorb large amounts of information at low cost.

NACOR Data Validation and Auditing Checkpoints

Data Validity Checks Automated in NACOR

NACOR Data Validation

AQI's Data Standards

NACOR Data Definitions (pdf)

AQI currently has the following data standards in place:

  • Common Procedural Terminology (CPT)
  • National Uniform Claims Committee (CMS-1500)
  • ASA Physical Status Classification System
  • International Classification of Disease (ICD)
  • RxNorm
  • AACD Clinical Timings

From the AQI Quality Measurement Tools :

  • Core Measure Recommendations
  • ASA Critical Incidents Reporting (work product of CPOM -2009)
  • QI Capture Sheets for Intraoperative, PACU and Post-PACU
  • Anesthesia Pediatric Outcome Template
  • Patient Satisfaction Capture Sheet
  • Quality Management Metrics for Procedural Sedation