2017 MIPS final scores
June 22, 2018

2017 MIPS final scores

CMS is scheduled to release final MIPS scores in July. AQI does not have access to the final scores. To view final scores, Eligible Clinicians must log in to their EIDM accounts with CMS. Letters with final scores will not be sent to clinicians. Practices that do not have EIDM accounts can obtain them through the CMS Enterprise Portal. Select "PQRS: Physician Quality Reporting System" when prompted to "Choose your application."

2018 NACOR dashboard updates complete

Updates to the 2018 NACOR dashboard have been completed and now include 2018 MIPS and QCDR measure updates, as well as CMS Quality reports menu improvements. CMS Quality reports are now organized so they are relevant to whether a practice is reporting as a group or as individuals. The menu changes will enable practices to compare their performances under group and individual reporting.

For MIPS group reporting, a new report, "Quality Data Completeness", enables users to determine whether data completeness requirements for the MIPS Quality Category are being met at the TIN level (i.e. 60% of eligible cases for six measures, including one outcome measure).

The following reports have been renamed and can be found under the Benchmarking sub-menu:

  • "NACOR outcomes" is now "Clinical Outcomes Benchmark"
  • "Historic NACOR outcomes" is now "Historic Clinical Outcomes Benchmark"
  • "Practice Performance Benchmark" is now "QCDR MIPS Benchmark"

For additional information regarding updates, join AQI for the July Virtual Office Hours when we will review the dashboard, or email askaqi@asahq.org.

Comment on draft ASA quality measures

The following quality measures developed by the ASA Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement (CPOM) are now open for public comment:

  • Avoidance of Cerebral Hyperthermia for Procedures Involving Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Mitigation Strategies
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Patient Education
  • Neuromuscular Blockade: Documented Assessment of Ability to Use Reversal Agent
  • Neuromuscular Blockade: Reversal Administered
  • Functional Status Assessment and Goal Setting for Chronic Opioid Users
  • Consultation for Frail Patients

Your feedback on these measures, including the feasibility to capture and report these measure, as well as its usefulness to your practice, is important and will be considered by physician measure developers.

The public comment period is open through Tuesday, July 10, via the 2018 Public Comment Period on Draft Measures webpage. For questions, email the Department of Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) at qra@asahq.org.

Submit measure concepts for ambulatory settings

ASA and AQI know that anesthesiologists practicing in ambulatory or outpatient settings often struggle to find six measures to report for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). That's why the ASA and the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA) are collaborating on developing quality measures to fill this critical gap.

Submit measure concept(s) for consideration by 5 p.m. Eastern, Tuesday, June 26. Submitted measure concepts will be considered by a Technical Expert Panel and selected concepts will be developed and refined into quality measures for anesthesiologists and their practices to use. For questions, email the Department of Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) at qra@asahq.org.

Patient Experience Survey available

The American Society of Anesthesiologists' (ASA) Quality Concierge® Patient Experience Survey, which supports practices' Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) measure compliance and provides ongoing benchmarks, will be available soon.

Current Quality Concierge participants and new participants signing up in 2018 will receive the Patient Experience Survey free of charge. National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR) Basic or NACOR Standard Reporting participants may also enroll in this offering for a fee.

The Quality Concierge Patient Experience Survey:

  • Supports 2018 Patient Experience Measure (AQI48) and Improvement Activities
  • Does not replace or conflict with facility CAHPS
  • Provides mobile access for patients
  • Generates automated notifications and reminders
  • Offers mobile feedback reports for providers

Existing NACOR participants can learn more details about the Quality Concierge Patient Experience Survey during the Quality Reporting Virtual Office Hours, at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT, Tuesday July 10.

2018 Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Registration: October 31, 2018

January through November 2018 data submission: January 31, 2019

All data submissions: February 15, 2019

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