Upcoming registration deadlines
October 05, 2018

Upcoming registration deadlines

The deadline to renew ASA 2018 memberships is October 11, 2018. Providers who have not renewed their 2018 ASA membership by October 11, 2018, will be charged the non-member rate for 2018 reporting. The deadline for providers to enroll in 2018 Quality Reporting or NACOR Basic is October 31, 2018. More information about NACOR Quality Reporting is available on the NACOR quality reporting options and mechanisms page.

Office hours scheduled Tuesday

Attend AQI's next Office Hours and find out the latest information on provider consents, merging and formatting services, a review of AQI Measures 54 and Quantum 31, and a preview of ANESTHESIOLOGY 2018. AQI is hosting its regularly scheduled Office Hours at 11 a.m. Central, Tuesday, October 9. Miss last month's Office Hours? Check out the video.

AQI Quality Talks at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018

Have a question about quality reporting or the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry? AQI staff members will present a series of Quality Talks at the AQI booth at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018 in San Francisco. Listen to the experts discuss MACRA, quality improvement, AQI registries, data access and more at the AQI Quality Talks.

Data file merging and format assistance available

All NACOR participants with data from multiple sources must submit data files merged and in XML format to AQI's data submission portal. Services are available for a fee for practices that need merging and formatting assistance. Email askaqi@asahq.org by December 15 to schedule a conference call to discuss merging and formatting.

Reporting AQI Measure 54: Pencil-Point Needle for Spinal Anesthesia

Practices that are reporting AQI Measure 54: Pencil-Point Needle for Spinal Anesthesia, should be aware that only patients receiving spinal anesthesia will be included in measure performance calculations. Patients receiving epidural/spinal anesthesia will not be counted in the denominator.

To ensure Measure 54 is reported correctly, report "Neuraxial" as the Anesthesia Category and "Spinal" as the Anesthesia Sub Category when submitting data to AQI. For more information, email askaqi@asahq.org.

Reporting Quantum 31: Central Line Ultrasound Guidance

Practices have had issues with data files being rejected due to improperly reporting Quantum 31: Central Line Ultrasound Guidance. The issue practices have had are because of improperly reporting the value for the "QCDRMeasure" field within their data files. Some of the problems we have seen are reporting this measure in all capital letters or inserting a space between "Quantum" and "31" or abbreviating "Quantum". This measure should be reported as "Quantum31" to avoid this error.

2018 Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Registration: October 31, 2018

January through November 2018 data submission: January 31, 2019

All data submissions: February 15, 2019

Contact AQI

Register: qcdr@asahq.org

NACOR Dashboard support: NACORSupport@ArborMetrix.com

Ask AQI: AskAQI@asahq.org

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