Final registration deadline October 31
October 26, 2018

Final registration deadline October 31

The deadline for providers to enroll in Quality Reporting or NACOR Basic for 2018 is Wednesday, October 31, 2018. More information about NACOR Quality Reporting is available on the NACOR quality reporting options and mechanisms page.

Note: Practices enrolled in Quality Concierge are not required to register.

2019 NACOR fees announced

Beginning in 2019, AQI will add more features and benefits to NACOR. To better address individual and practice needs, AQI is adding enhanced dashboards for better analysis, opportunities to view benchmarked data, and the chance for eligible physicians to earn MOCA Part IV credit for reviewing data.

ASA is adding these offerings to ensure NACOR remains the leader in the specialty of anesthesia. These new products and services will result in a change in the NACOR pricing structure for 2019. The additional NACOR offerings go into effect in 2019. Registration for 2019 NACOR Quality Reporting begins in the first quarter of 2019.

Practice self-audits underway

To remain in good standing as a Qualified Registry and Qualified Clinical Data Registry, AQI and its registry, NACOR, is required to submit an annual data validation plan to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). To help ensure continued compliance with CMS data validation standards, AQI is incorporating a self-audit requirement for randomly selected NACOR practices.

AQI will randomly select five cases for practices to audit. Practices that have been selected for self-audit will be notified via email and receive a Self-Audit User Guide and instructions on how to obtain audit forms. For more information, email Annette Antos, AQI Senior Registry Services Manager, at

Data file notifications

Beginning Monday, October 29, practices will start receiving notification, by email, that a new data file has been uploaded to NACOR or that no data file has been uploaded for the 2018 reporting year. For practices that have uploaded a new data file, AQI encourages a member of your practice to review the NACOR dashboard as it allows you to monitor your providers' performance as well as pinpoint any problems with the data and make necessary corrections prior to data submission deadlines.

Attend the pre-conference Quality Reporting Workshop at Anesthesia Quality Meeting

Learn how to have success at MACRA reporting in the future at AQI's upcoming pre-conference workshop "MACRA and Beyond - Successfully Reporting to NACOR" before the Anesthesia Quality Meeting. The optional pre-conference meeting is scheduled on Friday, November 16, at ASA headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Register today.

Office Hours FAQs

Do we have to send consent forms for all providers if we are filing as a group?

If your practice has elected to report as a group for 2018 quality reporting, you are not required to submit consent forms for your providers. CMS requires that providers who are reporting individually submit a signed consent form.

How do we add people to the email distribution list?

AQI champions can request to add appropriate staff to AQI distribution lists by emailing Please include the name and email of the individual and which listserv you would like them added to.

Can you elaborate more about your "merging and formatting" services?

Merging and formatting data services is an additional service offered by ePreop to practices that are unable to merge and format billing and quality data per the NACOR XML Schema requirements. If you believe your practice might need merging and formatting data services, email to schedule a conference call with your practice and ePreop representatives for further discussion.

2018 Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Registration: October 31, 2018

January through November 2018 data submission: January 31, 2019

All data submissions: February 15, 2019

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