Anesthesia Quality Meeting: registration now open
June 11, 2021

Anesthesia Quality Meeting: registration now open

Join us on July 17 for a new virtual event featuring renowned practitioners who are passionate about ensuring safe care before, during, and after surgery. Participate and discover strategies and innovations for optimizing patient care, decreasing burnout, reducing medical errors, and improving a culture of safety.

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2020 NACOR Quality Reporting reconciliations

AQI is in the process of completing the quality reporting reconciliation invoices in which the practice's order, with the number and type of Eligible Clinicians (ECs) (i.e., physician or CRNA), is compared to the information submitted to NACOR in the practice's data file.

For each data file submitted, AQI confirms the membership status of each EC to determine if they are eligible to receive the ASA member benefit rate for NACOR Quality Reporting.

For questions regarding the specific ECs that the roster represents, contact April Quadrizius at (847) 268-9121 or For credit card payments, call ASA's Member Services at (630) 912-2552.

ASA membership renewal

For clinicians to receive ASA Member pricing for 2021 NACOR Reporting, clinicians must have an active 2021 ASA membership. Final payment for AQI services is determined by 2021 ASA membership status. The following ASA membership deadlines are in place:

  • October 7 – Deadline for new ASA membership invoices for 2021; practices must supply list of non-members becoming members to ASA membership.
  • October 22 – Last day to pay ASA dues for 2021 membership.

For more information, email

Quick tips for completing 2021 registration

To make the 2021 registration process easier, consider these tips before completing the registration form:

  • Review the NACOR reporting options.
    • MIPS Reporting – Quality Concierge or NACOR Quality Reporting.
    • Local Quality Improvement – NACOR Basic or NACOR Benchmarking.
  • If submitting to CMS for MIPS, check your clinician's MIPS eligibility on the QPP website.
  • If MIPS opt-in eligible, consider opting-in. To opt-in, the clinician must meet one or two of the three MIPS low-volume threshold criteria.
  • Determine if your practice should report as a group or as individuals.
  • Understand care team model versus independent CRNA.
    • Care team – Physician anesthesiologist supervises the anesthesia team (AAs and CRNAs).
    • Independent CRNA – Practices without a written collaborative agreement, supervision or conditions for practice.

NACOR registration forms are completed annually for NACOR Basic, NACOR Benchmarking, and NACOR Quality reporting participants. Quality Concierge clients are not required to complete the form. For assistance with the registration form, email

Take a deep dive into quality measure development

Listen to the latest Central Line podcast to hear Dr. Adam Striker discuss new measures, including the Intraoperative Hypotension Measure, with Drs. Sheila Barnett and Victor Davila from ASA's Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement. Learn about the committee’s work, how measures are selected, and why they’re important.

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2021 Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Registration: October 1, 2021

January through November 2021 data submission: January 31, 2022

Individual Quality Reporting Consent Submission: January 31, 2022

Improvement Activity Attestation: January 31, 2022

CMS Opt-Out for Individual Reporting: January 31, 2022

TIN/NPI Reconciliation: January 31, 2022

All data submissions: February 15, 2022

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