The following series of questions has been developed by the Committee on Quality Management and Departmental Administration (QMDA) of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) as a compendium of anesthesia safety and quality measures suitable as a reference for anesthesiology departments of any size as they develop a comprehensive set of quality standards. It must be understood that this is a work product of QMDA and other ASA committees and does not represent official policy of the House of Delegates of ASA.

Subject headings below are provided for ease of assignment of the items contained within each area. Because many topics are germane to multiple positions, there is deliberate duplication of a number of elements.

The Anesthesia Quality Institute and The Committee on QMDA hopes that ASA members and their institutions find this document helpful in the creation and maintenance of their quality programs. Comments from members are appreciated and may be referred to AQI Executive Director and ASA Chief Quality Officer Richard Dutton.

Within each section, elements are sorted into those that are required for a high-quality department and those which can be considered optional but desired in appropriate circumstances.


Chair of Anesthesia

Staff Anesthesiologist


Perioperative Nursing Manager

Operating Room Nurse

PACU Nursing Manager

Obstetric Nursing Manager

Quality Management


Anesthesia Technicians

CRNAs and/or AAs

Office Based Anesthesia Facilities