AQI Quality Capture App

The AQI Quality Capture Application enables users of an anesthesia information management system to record patient outcomes easily and securely. By using this feature, providers can access AQI’s application and enter the few relevant data points that are requested. Upon finishing the form, a flag is sent to your system indicating completion.

Required Input Fields for the Quality Capture App

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How secure is the app?

The forms and all information entered lives exclusively on AQI servers and is not a part of the patient record in any way. The participating institution's AIMS only receives a flag that the form was completed, not the information entered. AQI servers are isolated by firewall against outside access. In addition, AQI is prohibited under the terms of our PSO status from ever revealing specific information of any institution, provider, or patient.

Can we examine the data submitted?

The AQI Quality Capture App is an extension of our National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR), and generally follows the same protocols. We offer reporting based on the outcomes submitted to us from anesthesia practices, but we still have to arrange a separate submission of clinical data to get a better overview of the performed procedure. This reporting is done on an aggregate basis—we do not reconnect with individual reports after they are submitted.

How difficult is it to install this app in my system?

Currently, we have only completed implementation for the Epic AIMS. If you are running Epic version 2012 or later, the code base is already present. Project team members can refer to Epic Release Note #373499 for details on how to activate this feature and set desired parameters. After setup is complete, a link to AQI’s system will appear in the navigation panel.

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Is the outcomes tool customizable for institutions using Epic software?

Not at this time. If an institution would like to host the application code themselves, we are happy to provide the source code files for their own tech team to analyze and customize. However, this allows for little support from our end. Also, this would inevitably lead to outcomes being stored onsite, which is something that most practices using this tool want to avoid.

Alternatively, we may be able to provide a limited amount of customization in the future. If enabled, a participating institution has the ability to send over a unique institution identifier to our end when starting the application. Using this, we could potentially present custom forms based on who is accessing the tool. However, we would need to see widespread use before this could be implemented.

What are AQI's plans for future development?

As a new initiative for AQI, we are interested in seeing how practices are using the app. We are also seeking to expand implementation beyond Epic and into systems of other vendors. As usage patterns emerge, we are open to tailoring the forms to better suit the needs of the practices and making things even easier. However, we are not a software development company and make no claims as such. This application exists largely as a proof-of-concept and our hope is that it will eventually be picked up (or expanded upon) by a commercial vendor.

Is the data real-time?

The data is inserted into our database as soon as they are entered. However, the reporting side functions the same as those practices who currently submit via conventional XML or CSV formats, so the reports are only refreshed periodically. Given the size of NACOR and the complex datasets that need to be processed for reporting, real-time data presentation isn’t viable at this time.

How does the data get to AQI?

From a technical perspective, the data submission is akin to entering data in a web form through a normal internet browser. Once the ‘Submit’ button is clicked, all processing is done on AQI’s secure web server and the data is inserted into our databases immediately.

Does the tool capture outcomes throughout the perioperative period as well as outcomes beyond the PACU?

The application itself has no time limit on entry or on the number of outcomes entered. However, for reporting purposes, we will only use outcomes submitted within 48 hours of the procedure.

What is the basis for the outcomes captured within the tool? Is there a source or list available?

The form is based on the Anesthesia Quality Indicators Capture Sheet on the Quality Measurement Tools page. Additional indicators were added based on data pulled from our Anesthesia Incident Reporting System, and some 2015 PQRS and QCDR measures.

How does the data marry up with the anesthetic case data reported through AQI?

One of the parameters automatically sent to AQI when the application is started is a unique reference ID (11-digit anesthesia episode ID). This ID will provide the key to matching up records and must be present in the billing data for every case.

Will users have access to a summary report outside of the NACOR reporting vehicle?

We have no plans on expanding our practice reporting beyond NACOR.

Is there an option of storing the data on the participant’s server and sending the data to AQI?

We currently have no such functionality available, but may be willing to explore the idea further down the road.

Is there any way I could interact with a demo version of the form?

Yes there is; you can access a test form here. No data is retained or submitted through this form.

For more information on this application and how it can be implemented in your practice, please contact us.