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2022-01-01 XML Schema updates

AQI has made minimal changes for the 2022 NACOR XML Schema updates. AQI will require all data submissions to use the 2022 version by April 4, 2022. Until then the 2021 XML Version will be accepted. The updates are as follows:

  • Updated "Copyright (C) 2021" to "Copyright (C) 2022"
  • Removed AQIXMLVersionType enumeration "2021V1.0" added AQIXMLVersionType enumeration "2022V1.0"
  • Removed AQIXMLVersionType enumeration "2021V1.0R" added AQIXMLVersionType enumeration "2022V1.0R"
  • Modified Elements: ProcedureName, ProcedureDescription. Changed ProcedureName and ProcedureDescription minOccurs="0" to minOccurs="1"
  • Added enumeration for the QCDRMeasureType to allow reporting the QCDR Measure ABG41 and ABG42: Added <xs:pattern value="ABG[0-9][0-9]" />

XML File Validator vs. 2022 NACOR XML Schema

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2022 NACOR XML sample - all data elements

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