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2018-01-01 XML Schema updates:

AQI has made modifications to improve the NACOR XML schema for 2018. The changes will allow reporting of a few retired measures that practices wish to track internally, but not send to CMS. AQI has designated those retired measures as Internal Improvement Measures (IIM) and will provide a measure specification booklet in 2nd quarter 2018 to list which measures will be supported.

In 2017, the Committee on Data Definitions focused on defining several comorbidities. It was decided to report those via ICD codes supplemented by registry codes in the PreOpICD node set. To that end, the XML Schema has been updated to permit registry codes with ICD codes.

AQI also has recognized some errors practices receive when submitting files, including sections that were out of order according to the schema. AQI has relaxed some requirements pertaining to the order in which sections of data are listed for each Anesthesia Record.

AQI intends to require all schema changes be made by April 1, 2018. Data may be submitted using either format for the first quarter of 2018 for either 2017 or 2018 data. For more information, email

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