2022 NACOR reporting registration deadline October 3
August 19, 2022

2022 NACOR reporting registration deadline October 3

The deadline to register for 2022 NACOR reporting (Quality, Benchmarking, and Basic) and renew 2022 ASA Membership is Monday, October 3. New practices and practices re-enrolling should complete a registration form.  

For clinicians to receive ASA Member pricing for 2022 NACOR reporting, clinicians must have an active 2022 ASA membership. Final payment for AQI services is determined by 2022 ASA membership status. 

For more information, email AskAQI@asahq.org.  

Review your NACOR dashboard

Practices that have recently uploaded new data files should review the NACOR dashboard as it allows you to monitor your providers' performance, as well as pinpoint any problems with the data and make necessary corrections prior to data submission deadlines.

Data completeness requirements for the 2022 MIPS Performance Period are:

  • Submit 12 months of data (January – December 2022).;
  • Report a minimum of six measures with at least one outcome or high priority measure.
  • Measure must meet the 20-case minimum to be scored.
  • Reporting rate must be at least 70% of all eligible cases across all payers for each measure reported.

Note: The minimum point threshold to avoid a negative payment adjustment has increased from 60 to 75 points for the 2022 performance year. It is important to check the measure performance rates for your practice to make sure the measures reported will earn the maximum points allowed for the Quality Component.

As a reminder, section 8 of the Addendum for Quality Reporting to the NACOR Participation Agreement states that your practice "and each EC agree, and Participant shall require each EC, to review his/her measure results in AQI at least four times a year and provide timely feedback to AQI on the measures that will be reported on the EC's behalf."

If there are questions about the dashboard results, submit a ticket to nacorsupport@asahq.org

MIPS improvement activity (IA) component

To earn points in the IA component an eligible clinician or group needs to perform or participate in any improvement activity for a minimum of ninety consecutive days. The final 90-day period starts October 1 and ends December 31, 2022.

For groups to attest to an activity, at least 50% of the clinicians (under the Tax ID number [TIN]) must perform the same activity during any continuous 90-day period, or as specified in the activity description, within the same performance period.

As a reminder CMS removed the following Improvement Activities for the 2022 Performance Year:

  • IA_ BE_13 Regularly Assess the Patient Experience of Care Through Surveys, Advisory Councils and/or Other Mechanisms
  • IA_ BE_17 Use of Tools to Assist Patient Self-Management
  • IA_ BE_20 Implementation of Condition-Specific Chronic Disease Self-Management Support Programs
  • IA_ BE_21 Improved Practices that Disseminate Appropriate Self-Management Materials
  • IA_PSPA_11 Participation in CAHPS or Other Supplemental Questionnaire

The list of Improvement Activities that AQI is supporting can be found here.

Practices should maintain documentation regarding the IA for 6 years. Documentation should include a list of the NPIs that participated in the activity as well as how the IA was completed.

If you have any questions email askaqi@asahq.org or qra@asahq.org

2022 Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Registration: October 3, 2022

January through November 2022 data submission: January 31, 2023

Individual Quality Reporting Consent Submission: January 31, 2023

Improvement Activity Attestation: January 31, 2023

CMS Opt-Out for Individual Reporting: January 31, 2023

TIN/NPI Reconciliation: January 31, 2023

All data submissions: February 15, 2023

Contact AQI

Register: qcdr@asahq.org

NACOR Dashboard support: NACORSupport@asahq.org

Ask AQI: AskAQI@asahq.org

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