Reporting the MVP?

Reporting the MVP? Don't forget to register. Learn how to register for the MVP using the MVP Registration Guide. Download the PDF from the QPP Resource Library here.

Get on board with quality improvement in 2024

Accelerate quality performance and meet reporting requirements through membership in NACOR. This is an ideal time to review service levels and ensure that you're taking advantage of this expansive data set for benchmarking, research, practice improvement, and more. Register or Renew

2023 MIPS final score previews are now available

Take this opportunity to preview your final score in advance of final feedback and 2025 MIPS payment adjustment information. During this preview, CMS displays your highest possible final score—sign in to see it at the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website.

Reminder! If your group is reporting MIPS in 2024, you must:

  • Submit 12 months of data (January–December 2024).
  • Report a minimum of six measures with at least one outcome or high-priority measure. For reporting a MIPS Value Pathway (MVP), you must report at least four measures from the MVP measure set.
  • Include a minimum of 20 cases for each measure.
  • Ensure that at least 75% of all eligible cases across all payers for each measure are reported.
  • See 2024 reporting deadlines.

One meeting for everything quality, practice optimization, and more

As the Anesthesia Quality and Patient Safety Meeting (AQPSM) and ASA® ADVANCE have each expanded in scope, it's become hard to choose between them. Rather than invite you to two meetings, ASA is rolling the content into one, live, comprehensive event, complete with exceptional networking. It all starts with ASA ADVANCE 2025 this January. Sign up for an alert when registration opens.

Start benchmarking! See how you compare in NACOR dashboards

See how your performance stacks up against U.S. benchmarks and drill down into figures in the Quality Measures and Data dashboards.

NACOR participant agreements state that practices and eligible clinicians will review measure results at least four times per year. However, AQI recommends a monthly review to stay ahead of performance trends, outliers, and file submissions status. Check out the Reports User Guide under the Resources tab for tips on accessing the highest-impact figures and reports from NACOR dashboards.


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