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NOTE: 2017 Measures information will be available over the next few weeks.

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Schema Source (xsd)

The AQI's Anaesthesia Record XML (XSD) schema draft - Online Browser

2017-01-01 XML Schema updates:

AQI has made several updates to the AQI XML Schema for several reasons. As CMS changes requirements for data submission, AQI must be responsive to those changes to allow Eligible Clinicians to adequately report through ASA / AQI. ASA and AQI have also worked closely other QCDR's to harmonize non-PQRS measures. ASA and AQI are also trying to collect standardized clinical data for better benchmarking. These improvements require changes in the XML Schema. Listed is an overview of some of these improvements are, please refer to AQI XML Schema Improvements for a detailed list of updates.

  • Modified the record header section to include email addresses for faster responses to data submitters regarding data submission.
  • Modified several enumerated values for: patient demographics, anesthesia type/sub-type, staff type, coverage code, location type, admission status, procedure status, outcomes, and QCDR Code Value.
  • Added fields: TaxID
  • Removed fields: StaffID
  • Other minor updates.

XML File Validator vs. AQI XML Schema 2017

The 2017 XML schema will be available as soon as CMS approves 2017 non-MIPS measures. Once the schema is available, the XML validator will be updated to validate against the 2017 XML schema.

XML File Validator vs. AQI XML Schema 2016

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AQI NACOR XML sample - all data elements (opened in your browser in readable format)

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