NACOR benefits

Participate in NACOR and join a community of professionals dedicated to achieving high standards, and send a message that you are committed to providing quality care and improved patient outcomes.

View Performance

Regularly review your performance, identify your gaps and compare yourselves to others.

Identify Outliers

Understand your performance by reviewing individual outlier reports and trends over time.

Access Educational Resources

Access links and tools from AQI, other professional societies and national experts in quality improvement to help you and your team learn and improve.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

NACOR can help you submit data for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and Value Modifier program of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Reports from NACOR can be used to meet Joint Commission requirements for groups and facilities and Maintenance of Certification requirements for individuals.

What is the power of your data?

AQI registries are organized to help physician anesthesiologists and their groups easily submit case information and receive reports that identify existing gaps in knowledge or clinical application. Data are presented to demonstrate changes over time and group performance in the context of national and peer-group comparators. The reports help physician anesthesiologists and their groups understand how their clinical outcomes compare to others in similar practice environments. Aggregate data from AQI registries also is available to researchers and professional societies interested in documenting trends in the national practice of anesthesia.