National Anesthesia Clinical
Outcomes Registry (NACOR)

The Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) is home to the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR), a data warehouse designated as a Qualified Registry (QR) and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). With millions of cases, AQI NACOR's clinical data provides an evidence-based rationale that informs treatment choices and helps control treatment costs.

NACOR is intended for all anesthesia providers in all practice settings. The registry provides:

  • Custom continuous performance monitors
  • Performance gap analysis and patient outlier identification
  • Access to improvement interventions to close performance gaps including patient care management tools, targeted education, and links to anesthesia information technology vendors
  • Peer-to-peer benchmarks

Full-service solution - NACOR Quality Concierge

AQI is collaborating with ePreop™ to provide a full-service quality reporting solution with Quality Concierge™, which helps practices report seamlessly, avoid CMS penalties under MIPS and MACRA, and prepare for value-based payment models.

The proven reporting platform integrates with most major anesthesia billing services and EHRs and can be used in non-integrated environments. Quality Concierge is a complete quality analytics solution, with tracking and reporting tools that measure compliance across the entire perioperative continuum. Real-time provider and administrative dashboards help generate data and allow you to document your practice improvement activities.

NACOR Standard Quality Reporting

For 2018, NACOR will support the Quality and Improvement Activities Components of MIPS. For the Quality Component, NACOR offers two quality reporting options:

  • Group Practice Reporting CMS evaluates the quality data at the Tax Identification Number level. All eligible clinicians' data are aggregated and summarized prior to evaluation by CMS.
  • Individual CMS evaluates the quality data at the National Provider Identification (NPI) level. Each EC's data are aggregated individually prior to evaluation by CMS.

NACOR Standard offers two quality reporting mechanisms:

  • Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) Includes 16 non-MIPS and 32 MIPS measures
  • Qualified Registry (QR) Includes only 32 MIPS measures

Practices must identify at least six measures with one outcome measure and submit data for at least 60 percent of eligible cases regardless of payer (Medicare and non-Medicare).


NACOR Basic allows practices to report billing and administrative data, comorbidities and outcomes for benchmarking for all anesthesia providers in all practice settings. NACOR Basic does not include quality reporting.

The registry provides:

  • Interactive analytical reports
  • Ability to analyze data across various dimensions
  • Peer-to-peer benchmarks

Additional NACOR Quality Reporting Information & Resources


You can also find CMS Resources here and ASA FAQs here for all things MACRA.