The National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR) is unique from other registries. NACOR collects data passively from existing electronic systems. This model encourages cooperation between the anesthesia group practice, the hospital, the software vendors and AQI. The collaborative effort and experience of the various stakeholders contributes to the value of NACOR for the anesthesiology specialty.

NACOR Quality Reporting Deadlines

NACOR Quality Reporting Roles and Responsibilities

NACOR Vendors

Conceptual Data Definitions

NACOR Minimum Data Set Definitions

Minimal Data Set Definitions PDF

Minimal Data Set Definitions Excel

NACOR Outcomes Data Set Definitions

Outcomes Definitions PDF

Outcomes Definitions Excel

NACOR Administrative Data Set Definitions

Administrative Data Set Definitions PDF

Administrative Data Set Definitions Excel

Technical Documents and Resources

Guide for Submitting Data to the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR) (PDF)
The guide briefly describes the various types of data collected by NACOR; file format and specifications; and the data upload and transmission process.

Resources for Developers

AQI XML Schema Documentation (PDF)
This document identifies data the AQI collects, illustrates the manner in which data is joined to AQI's XML schema, and facilitates the proper use of the schema.

AQI User Guide for Quality Reporting (PDF) pending CMS approval

XML Validation Tool
Resource for the XML developers. Validates XML file against the AQI schema. Also provides sample files with QCDR data.

The AQI's Anesthesia Record XML (XSD) schema draft - Online Browser