Closed Claims Project Overview


  1. Pollack, K.A., Stephens, L.S., Posner, K.L., Fitzgibbon, D.R., Rathmell, J.P., Michna, E., Domino, K.B.: Chronic Pain Management: A Closed Claims Update. Anesthesiology, BOC02, 2014  |  Subjects: Closed Claims Project Overview, Pain Management  |  PDF icon Click here for.pdf


Journal Article

  1. Metzner J, Posner KL, Lam MS, Domino KB. Closed claims analysis. Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol. 25(2):263-76, 2011.  |  NLM PubMed Link  |  Subjects: Closed Claims Project Overview, Regional Anesthesia / Monitored Anesthesia Care, Respiratory System Damaging Events, Physiologic Monitoring, Quality of Care
    The profile of anesthesia liability changed over the decades, including the types of anesthesia care associated with claims as well as events and injuries leading to claims. The most common complications in 1990-2007 were death, nerve injury and permanent brain damage. The most common anesthesia-related events leading to claims were regional-block related, respiratory, cardiovascular and equipment-related. This review includes focus on liability related to the difficult airway, monitored anesthesia care, non-operating room locations, obstetric anesthesia, and chronic pain management.
  2. Cheney FW. The American Society of Anesthesiologists closed claims project: the beginning. Anesthesiology 113(4):957-60, 2010.  |  NLM PubMed Link  |  Subjects: Closed Claims Project Overview, Regional Anesthesia / Monitored Anesthesia Care, Physiologic Monitoring
    This commentary in the Classic Papers Revisited section of Anesthesiology accompanies the reprinting of the first publication from the ASA Closed Claims Project: Unexpected cardiac arrest during spinal anesthesia: A closed claims analysis of predisposing factors by Robert A. Caplan, Richard J. Ward, Karen Posner, and Frederick W. Cheney (ANESTHESIOLOGY 1988; 68:5-11). The commentary provides the author's personal insights into the history of the ASA Closed Claims Project from its beginnings through 2010.
  3. Cheney FW: The American Society of Anesthesiologists Closed Claims Project: What Have We Learned, How Has It Affected Practice, and How Will It Affect Practice in the Future? Anesthesiology 91: 552-556, 1999.  |  NLM PubMed Link  |  Subjects: Closed Claims Project Overview
    The American Society of Anesthesiologists Closed Claims Project is a standardized collection of anesthesia-related adverse outcomes retrieved from closed malpractice claims against anesthesiologists. The data obtained provide a unique tool for improving anesthesia-related patient safety and reducing liability exposure for the anesthesiologist.
  4. Cheney FW, Posner K, Caplan RA, Ward RJ: Standard of care and anesthesia liability. JAMA 261:1599-1603, 1989.  |  NLM PubMed Link  |  Subjects: Closed Claims Project Overview, Quality of Care
    The ASA Closed Claims database of 1,004 lawsuits was examined to define the impact of the "Standard of Care" as judged by practicing anesthesiologists on the likelihood and amount of financial recovery. This paper provides a general overview of the methodology of the project. The most important finding was that if the anesthesiologist provides appropriate care there is still a greater than 40% chance that payment will be made for a claim of malpractice.

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