2017 MIPS data to be submitted to CMS

AQI’s NACOR is in the final stages of preparing data files for submission to CMS for the 2017 MIPS Reporting year. AQI will submit data to CMS next week on behalf of those practices who were enrolled in 2017 Quality Reporting. AQI expects practices to be notified of their results by CMS in the fall.

2018 QPP requirements addressed at AQI’s Virtual Office Hours

Looking for answers to your quality reporting questions? During the Quality Reporting Virtual Office Hours session this week, AQI addressed the 2018 registration process, MIPS eligibility, and reporting requirements for the quality, cost, improvement activities and advancing care information components. The next Virtual Office Hours session is scheduled at 11 a.m. CST, Tuesday, April 10.

Register for 2018 NACOR quality reporting

Practices interested in registering for 2018 NACOR Quality Reporting can now begin the enrollment process by completing the new online order form. Practices that were enrolled in 2017 and would like to continue in 2018 will need to complete an order form. Participation agreements auto renew. AQI’s NACOR quality reporting options include Quality Concierge and NACOR Standard. NACOR Basic does not include quality reporting.


2018 MACRA MIPS Information

Register for 2018 NACOR quality reporting

2018 NACOR pricing

2018 NACOR Data Definitions

2018 QCDR Measure Booklet

2018 Recommended Improvement Activities