New 2019 membership deadlines

Final payment for AQI services is determined by 2019 ASA membership status. The following deadlines are in place:

  • October 1 - Deadline for new membership invoices for 2019; practices must supply list of non-members becoming members to ASA membership.
  • October 25 - Last day for 2019 dues payment processing.
  • October 31 - NACOR registration deadline. Non-members would pay non-member pricing.

For more information email

AQI data warehouse transition July 1

Beginning in July 2019, AQI will partner with ePreop's analytics and registry software to become NACOR's data warehouse. What does this mean for your practice?

  • No changes to the data upload process: Files will continue to be uploaded to
  • No changes to the data validation email. Data submitters will continue to receive data validation email as normal.
  • Clinicians and practices enrolled in 2018 MIPS reporting and NACOR Basic services will continue to access NACOR dashboard reports through ArborMetrix until the end of June.
  • Clinicians and practices that enroll in any 2019 NACOR reporting options will gain access to a new dashboard provided by ePreop scheduled to debut on July 1.

AQI will provide more details on the transition in mid-June. For more information, email

Quality Reporting Office Hours - June 11

AQI will present information at next month's Office Hours on the upcoming data warehouse transition scheduled for July 1. The next Office Hours session is scheduled at 11 a.m. Central, Tuesday, June 11. AQI and ASA staff members also will provide quality reporting general announcements and participate in a question-and-answer session. Miss last month's Virtual Office Hours? Check out the April Office Hours


2019 Resources

2019 NACOR pricing (PDF)

2019 QCDR Measure Specifications (PDF)

2019 Recommended Improvement Activities

NACOR Data Definitions

NACOR News Library

Read past issues of AQI's NACOR News.

Office Hours FAQs

Question: If a provider has left the practice half way through the year - does the practice need to report the provider's cases?

If the practice is reporting as a group and the provider performed cases in 2018, the practice needs to be reporting 60% of all eligible cases for that provider regardless if they are still at the practice or not as CMS is evaluating the data at the TIN level not the individual NPI. If the practice is individually reporting, the data will follow the provider's NPI.

Question: In regards to the reporting year on the AQI website it state to submit 60% of eligible cases and we understand it is not pick your pace but does this mean 60% of 2018 cases? Can you elaborate?

The 2018 MIPS reporting requirement is to report on 60% of the denominator eligible cases for 6 measures including 1 outcome measure for the 12 month reporting period (1/1/2018 - 12/31/18). For example, If your practice is reporting MIPS 76 - Prevention of Central Venous Catheter (CVC - Related Bloodstream Infections and places 75 central lines during 2018 your practice would need to report on 45 cases which is 60% of the eligible cases.

Question: Is it possible for all providers in a practice to be non-MIPS eligible and not required to submit data as individuals, but are eligible as a group?

Yes if the individual providers do not meet the 2018 MIPS participation criteria (billed $90,000 or less in Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) services furnished to Medicare Part B Fee-for-Service (FFS) beneficiaries (including Railroad Retirement Board and Medicare secondary Payer) and have 200 or fewer Medicare Part B FFS beneficiaries) the practice can be MIPS eligible as a group if the group has billed $90,000 or more in PFS services furnished to Medicare Part B beneficiaries and have 200 or more Medicare Part B beneficiaries.