National Pain Registry

The National Pain Registry (NPR) is AQI’s newest endeavor and is based on clinical information taken directly from existing information. In addition to episodic information about pain treatment procedures, the NPR will have the ability to track patients over-time to document changes in chronic pain and response to treatment.

NPR is intended for anesthesia providers providing chronic pain treatment to patients.  The goal of the NPR is to:

  • Support assessment of patients and treatment decision making at the point of care
  • Enable the assessment of the safety and effectiveness of therapies
  • Allow researchers to better understand chronic pain and to improve pain management and treatment
  • Facilitate and stimulate academic and industry pain research
  • Provide standardized data on a large cohort of patients with chronic pain
  • Provide a greater understanding of chronic pain in society

Desired data for NPR:

  • Patient data: Basic patient demographic information
    • Acute or chronic
    • Level of pain
    • Location of pain
  • Episode of care
    • Facts of the episode
      • CPT codes
      • ICD codes
    • Medications
    • Notes from the provider

Note: This is a high level description of data and not the complete list of data.  Please contact the AQI about your situation.

You do not need an AIMS to contribute data.  AQI welcomes participation with whatever data you have readily available.

Click here to learn the types of data the AQI is interested in.

Contact AQI Communications and PR Associate Ashley Kieta to learn more and sign up.

About 30 Million
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